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Residential Property Sales

Julia specialises in residential property sales throughout Canterbury. When you list your property you can expect exceptional service, superb communication, and the best possible financial result.

During the sales process, Julia will help with:

  • Market research, so you understand the environment you’re selling in, and the sale price you may be able to achieve

  • Advising on actions you can take before putting the property on the market to maximise your potential return

  • Marketing your property and bringing in the buyers! As well as utilising the resources of the Bayleys network, Julia goes above and beyond to grab buyers’ attention and encourage them to build an emotional connection with your property

  • Connecting you with the professionals that you need during the sales process

  • Conducting open homes, showing your house to its best potential, and following up with your potential buyers

  • Negotiating with buyers to understand resistance, overcome hesitation, and ultimately get you the best possible price for your home

  • Making sure the paperwork is completed for a smooth finalised sale


It doesn’t end there; Julia will keep in touch after the sale is finalised, so your future needs are met and you’ve got a friendly, knowledgeable go-to consultant for any property questions.

Advice and Consultation

Having a talented real estate consultant in your network is always useful! Julia provides full and honest advice on all elements of property and real estate; think of her as your personal property advisor, at the ready with experience-based advice and recommendations.


If you’re wondering whether it’s the right time to sell your property, are interested in how the market’s performing or would like to organise a ‘just out of interest’ appraisal, get in touch for a chat.

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